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For sale portion of building consisting of houses, outbuildings and land of relevance, located in Spoleto (PG), San Giacomo di Spoleto hamlet, via Francia 8, in a central position in the historic core.This is a portion of a building consisting of a residential unit, on the first floor with annexes on the ground floor, attics on the second floor and tower on the third floor; accessory building to the housing unit on a single floor above ground and independent from the residential building; small installment of land of 200 square meters, adjacent to the accessory building.Access to the real estate units is guaranteed by the common areas, identified in the cadastral plan with the parcel 1175 and part of the parcel 1715. The other portion of the parcel 1715, is exclusive to other subjects and is identified with the sub. 11 of the part. 547.The residential building and the annex were built prior to 1967. Subsequently, the annex did not undergo any construction work, while the residential building (damaged by the seismic events of 1997) was affected by repair work. It should be noted that there is no certificate of viability. In some areas of the building, the finishing and connection works between the various rooms have not been completed.Overall, the property is in a poor state of conservation.The properties are occupied by third parties, with a lease contract stipulated on 01.07.1990.The movable property inside is not the subject of this sale.Well described in the report as LOT 1.Homes 153 sqmAccessories 291 sqmWarehouse 32 sqmStorage room and woodshed 37 sqmSolar pavement 33 sqmFull ownership of:Apartments (CF): Sheet 66 - Parcel 546 - Sub. 1 stapled with Part. 547, Sub. 2 - Cat. A / 4Apartments (CF): Sheet 66 - Parcel 546 - Sub. 2 stapled with Part. 547, Sub. 3 - Cat. A / 4Apartments (CF): Sheet 66 - Parcel 547 - Subordinates 4 and 5 - Cat. A / 4Soil (CT): Sheet 66 - Particle 638The cadastral plan of the sub. 5 does not correspond to the actual state of the property. For all other real estate units, there are no plans filed. Therefore it will be necessary to make a cadastral change, as better reported in the Appraisal.


  • Contract : Vendita
  • Reference : 11108
  • Typology: Apartment
  • City: Spoleto
  • Price: 191.505 €
  • Sq.m.: 153
  • Energy efficiency:
  • I.P.E.:N.D.

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